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We are a team of technology and finance hotheads. Our passion are cryptocurrencies and their role in changing world. We believe they will become money of the 21st century.
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MineTrade Capital is a modern, dynamically developing cryptocurrency company, built on the concept of crypto trading and daily distribution of cryptocurrencies among all participants.

✓ Investing in capital and currency markets
✓ Investing in cryptocurrency markets
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We are a team of professional managers, traders and analysts dealing with capital markets, cryptocurrencies, alternative investments and with educational activity in the above-mentioned fields.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We at MineTrade Capital constantly place our clients at priorities; our ultimate goal is to provide immense profit to our clients and ensures everyone feels secure, confident and fervent to utilize bitcoin for investment and share the opportunity for others to do so
Business Module

Business Module

Trading cryptocurrency using advanced and highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (A.I) software for optimizing and maximizing profits.
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Arbitrage Trading

Secure passive income with the trading edge of our arbitrage trading.

Get ready for the success of your funds through our arbitrage trading that allows you to simultaneously make multiple trades on one asset for a profit with no risk involved due to price inequalities.

Hedge Fund Stake

An expenditure plan with almost zero risks.

Here at MineTrade Capital, we do all the technical analysis and we bring the potential of digital assets to the next level. We let you initiate your funds by allowing high demand from day one through the benefits of our advanced hedge fund solution for your digital assets.

In the financial markets, arbitrage trading refers to simultaneously buying and selling an asset or a security on two different exchanges to generate a profit from the price differential found on set two exchanges.

For example, if the price of a security asset is trading at USD 100 on exchange A and USD 99 on exchange B, a trader can buy the asset for USD 99 on exchange B and sell it for USD 100 on exchange A at the same time to generate a largely risk-free profit of USD 1. That is how arbitrage trading works.

These arbitrage opportunities found on different exchanges are actually what keep the market relatively efficient. In other words, it ensures that prices are roughly the same across different exchanges for the same asset because if that is not the case arbitrage traders will come in and capitalize on this profit opportunity immediately.

In the stock markets, arbitrage trading is usually conducted through high-frequency trading software that seeks out arbitrage opportunities and automatically executes trades on behalf of the investor. Hedge funds and proprietary trading companies are the most common users of these algorithmic trading strategies in the stock market.

As price differential for cryptocurrencies can be quite large across exchanges, there is ample opportunity to make arbitrage trading profits in the digital asset space. Even the most liquid crypto asset bitcoin trades at different price levels on different exchanges.

Just take a look at the Price Tracker on Cryptonews.com:

The widest differential can be found between geographical regions. On Zimbabwe’s leading digital currency exchange Golix, for example, bitcoin traded at a 30 to 40% premium to the international market price last year. That was because there was more demand for bitcoin in Zimbabwe due to its dire economic situation but fewer options to purchase the digital currency than in other countries. Hence, the price traded higher in the Southern African nation.

Substantial price differentials can also often be witnessed when comparing Korean exchanges and U.S. exchanges. For example, during the peak of 2017, the regularly higher prices for cryptocurrencies in South Korea driven by strong local demand have led traders to dub this price differential the “kimchi premium”.

Having said that, cryptocurrency price differentials also exist on exchanges based in the same jurisdiction and these can be more easily exploited than trading across borders as there is no added currency risk when cashing out into fiat currency.

Cryptocurrency prices vary across exchanges due to differences in liquidity, a lack of international price referencing standards, and the inefficiency of making fund transfers between exchanges.

Moreover, prices on some exchanges, e.g. Bitfinex, might be higher due to fact that it’s expensive to withdraw fiat from an exchange and this increases demand for cryptocurrency as this is a much cheaper way to move your funds from the exchange.

An investment plan with almost zero risks.

Here at Minetrade Capital, we do all the technical analysis and we bring the potential of investments to the next level. We let you initiate your investment by allowing high demand from day one through the benefits of our advanced hedge fund solution for your digital assets.

Start a hedge fund investment with MineTrade Capital which is designed to manage every aspect of your investment, enabling you to focus on your portfolio and your performance, leaving all the hassles to us, as we offer front-to-back hedge fund investment plan with flexible and integrated trading infrastructure. With guaranteed profits of up to 18% for long-term holding, our investment plans are created to maximize your gains while minimizing potential risks.

We are committed to providing alternative investment solutions to clients, and our capabilities in the hedge fund space are broad, as we present the return potential and diversification at the total portfolio level.

Through investing in hedge funds, you can cultivate your investment by adding uncorrelated assets to your portfolio that reduces overall portfolio risk and therefore may improve the risk-adjusted return of traditional portfolios.

Our holistic approach to constructing a hedge fund investment integrates rigorous manager research; extensive operations and market risk analytics; as well as dynamic and disciplined portfolio management.

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